is the repository for nearly 20 years of e-publications produced from a cluster of Perl programs developed  by Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse, the former Archivist and Commissioner of Land Patents for Maryland. has been, and continues to be, a work in progress designed to explore how the archival treasures that relate to Maryland's rich and diverse history can be made readily accesible to the public inexpensively and simply through a server maintained by the Maryland State Archives.  They are provided freely and without charge, having largely been developed and produced in my spare time as an effort to further the appreciation of the historical record and to foster collaborative efforts at interpreting Maryland's and the Nation's past.

The links to the e-publications in the domain are contained in the Guide to Government Records and Special Collections at the Maryland State Archives available off of the Maryland State Archives website (  Included are many early records of the City of Baltimore that have been salvaged from oblivion through the generous support of the Maryland State Archives and the National Historical Records and Publications Commission.

Because all of these e-publications are also linked to a pioneering effort to provide a simple and inexpensive web-based means of transcription and note taking, links to some of the e-publications will also be found on that web site.

For those interested in the courses that have been taught and are being taught with resources available from, a link to a summary listing of those courses and related projects is provided here.  Useful insights into the history of Maryland and the importance of its archival resources may also be found on my blog at:

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