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Note: throughout the semester, participants in the seminar will be called upon to provide a progress report on the two assignments beginning the 4th night of class.  It will be on a volunteer basis with 1-2 people formally presenting from their USB drives to the class.

Wednesday,  January 23.

Wednesday, January 30.


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Wednesday, February 6.
Settlement to Colony

 Lecture "Why no cities of substance on the Colonial Maps of Maryland?".  See:  "Doing Good to Posterity" The Move of the Capital for Maryland from St. Mary's City to Ann Arundell Towne, Now Called Annapolis, which is available as a pamphlet from the Maryland State Archives. Class discussion of reading.

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Wednesday, February 13.
Charting the Way
Wednesday,  February 20.
From Colony to State
Wednesday, February 27.
In the New Nation
Wednesday, March 5
Growth and Disunion
Wednesday, March 12.
Enterprising Map Makers
Wednesday, March 19.
No Class, Spring Break
Wednesday, March 26.
Mapping Cities and Towns
Wednesday, April 2.
From Pragmatic Surveying to Scientific Cartography
Wednesday, April 9
Last Frontiers
Wednesday, April 16

Wednesday, April 23

Wednesday, April 30

    Last seminar at Instructor's home.  Final presentations and return of USBs with final products and notes in electronic format


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