Baltimore & The Environment: The History of the City in providing a Sustainable Habitat for Humanity

MLA Program, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences,  Johns Hopkins University

Fall 2009
AS 450.603.01 
Th 6:15pm-8:30pm 
10-Sep-09 17-Dec-09 
Hodson 301

NOTE that the schedule is subject to change on a weeks notice.  Note also that there are days on the schedule reserved for library research, either on the evening of class or a Saturday as noted. Update as of December 10, 2009:

Discussion/reading leaders are to focus on what we learn and perhaps don't learn about the interaction of the City during the period covered by the chapter with the environment (we will call it an environmental impact assessment). 

Note that the pdf I provided in the syllabus of case summaries has some hyperlinks to case materials on  You should now be using the entry on ECPCLIO.NET and not the pdf.  To access you will need to use the user name and password of:


and search for your case.   We will go over this in class.

Also by October 1, please choose three people from your case (plaintiff, defendant, lawyers, judge, etc.) as possible subjects of a biographical sketch worthy of Wikipedia and send me the choices by email, but bring them with you to the session at the Hopkins Library on  September 26.  For that session, also attempt to determine where on the map of Baltimore City your case originated/applies.

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I will be out of the country until December 22.   I wish you all a very happy and peaceful holiday.  I have enjoyed working with you this semester.