(City Papers, Index)

MSA CE 40, derived from scans of MSA C 171, an index of Baltimore City records originally compiled by the Historical Records Survey of the Works Progress Adminstration (WPA).  For a discussion of the WPA in Maryland, see: Edward C. Papenfuse,  "A Modicum of Commitment: The Present and Future Importance of the Historical Records Survey." The American Archivist, April 1974.

Note: In 1982 the Baltimore City Archives reorganized the papers originally sorted and indexed by the Works Progress Administration  into record groups. For the record groups to which papers were assigned and reboxed see WPA-HRS Record Groups, Baltimore City Archives, 1982. Item numbers were retained and the Record Groups boxed in chronological Order. For the electronic version of the inventories, click on the CE number below.  For a general overview of  the Record Groups of the Baltimore City Archives, see William G. LeFurgy, ed., The Records of a City: A Guide to the Baltimore City Archives, 1984.

Some record groups are in the process of being scanned and compiled into ebooks for editing and transcription, such as:


An example of a Record Group that has been imaged for editing and transcription purposes is RG22,. Record Group 22 of the Baltimore City Archives.  The images are provided for transcription and research purposes only.  Permission to reproduce must be secured from the Baltimore City Archives.

This ebook edition of the War of 1812 records of the Baltimore City Archives was compiled  and is currently being edited by Dr. Edward C. Papenfuse, Archivist of the State of Maryland, who can be contacted through or by email at .

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Dates: 1756-1827
Description: 1
MSA CE 40-1
Accession No.: 19,499
MSA No.: C 171-1
Location: 2/16/7/59

Dates: 1828-1838
Description: 2
MSA CE 40-2
Accession No.: 19,500
MSA No.: C 171-2
Location: 2/16/7/60

Dates: 1839-1849
Description: 3
MSA CE 40-3
Accession No.: 19,501
MSA No.: C 171-3
Location: 2/16/7/60

Dates: 1850-1860
Description: 4
MSA CE 40-4
Accession No.: 19,502
MSA No.: C 171-4
Location: 2/16/7/61

Dates: 1861-1864
Description: 5
MSA CE 40-5
Accession No.: 19,503
MSA No.: C 171-5
Location: 2/16/7/61

Dates: 1865-1870
Description: 6
MSA CE 40-6
Accession No.: 19,504
MSA No.: C 171-6
Location: 2/16/7/62

Dates: 1871-1876
Description: 7
MSA CE 40-7
Accession No.: 19,505
MSA No.: C 171-7
Location: 2/16/7/62

Dates: 1877-1883
Description: 8
MSA CE 40-8
Accession No.: 19,506
MSA No.: C 171-8
Location: 2/16/7/63

Dates: 1884-1899
Description: 9
MSA CE 40-9
Accession No.: 19,507
MSA No.: C 171-9
Location: 2/16/7/63

Dates: 1900-1909
Description: 10
MSA CE 40-10
Accession No.: 19,508
MSA No.: C 171-10
Location: 2/16/7/64

Dates: 1910-1938
Description: 11
MSA CE 40-11
Accession No.: 19,509
MSA No.: C 171-11
Location: 2/16/7/64

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