MSA S 528-27/28, 1771-1775 (go to first image)

A stereo view of the Wallace, Davidson and Johnson building ca. 1870 (four sections, two large chimneys on the left, beginning with the awning), on Market Square in Annapolis. The building burned on October 21-22, 1883.  From the Collections of the New York Public Library, (last accessed, 9/11/2006).

The originals of the order books of Wallace, Davidson and Johnson reproduced  for transcription and editing here are at the Maryland State Archives:

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers, Exhibits)
Wallace, Davidon Johnson, Order Books,
MSA S 528-27/28

The orders in these two volumes are related  to the letterbooks which have been edited by Jacob Price (1979) and are on line at: (last accessed 9/11/2006)

For a local version of  the Price edition of the letterbooks, click here.  Note that the Maryland State Archives purchased the remaining press run of the in print version of the Price edition of the letterbooks which can still be purchased from the Maryland State Archives, 350 Rowe Boulevard, Annapolis, Maryland, 21401.

The invoices of the cargoes sent by Joshua Johnson in response to the orders is available here.

The port records recording the arrival of the cargoes in Annapolis is available here, including a study and index of ships and entering and clearing the port of Annapolis (which included Baltimore in the years prior to the Revolution), by Vaugh Brown is available here.

For a study of the firms of Wallace, Davidson, and Johnson, and Wallace, Johnson, and Muir, see:
Edward C. Papenfuse, In Pursuit of Profit, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1975.

For the draft of an introduction to the importance of the order books by Edward C. Papenfuse (copyright reserved), click here.   Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress made available for review and comment, but is not to be quoted or reproduced (including illustrations) without the permission of the author who can be reached at

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MSA S 528-27/28, 1771-1775 (go to last image)