Wade H. Blackistone Collections,
The Papers of John Francis Dent

The John Francis Dent Papers were brought to the Maryland State Archives as two separate deposits for microfilming and were returned at the request of the owner.  When citing these papers, please use the url with the image labels (e.g.:  http://mdhistory.net/msaref11/msa_sc_1116_m2166/html/msa_sc_1116_m2166-0001.html)

MSA SC 1116

Collection Dates: 1849-1898 ca.
Collection Description: Records of John Francis Dent, Burlington, St. Mary's County, member of House of Delegates and served at Constitutional Convention of 1851, 1864, 1867. Includes diaries, accounts (1853-1898), record book with legal commentaries, valuation of property and a list of trees planted 1849-1867.
Medium: microfilm and digital
Restrictions: No restrictions
Storage: microfilm and digital
Film No.: M 2166 - M 2171

Digital Archives work order:  MSA SC 5458-45-426

Note that the jump script for navigating among images only works within a series unit, in this case the images of a reel of film.

MSA SC 1116-m2166: Accounts 1853-1857; farm accounts 1858-1862; accounts and diary 1863-1864; diary, slaves and accounts 1865-1866; diary and accounts, 1867-1871

MSA SC 1116-m2167: Diary 1872; diary and accounts 1873-1877; accounts, 1875-1877

MSA SC 1116-m2168: Diary and accounts 1878-1883

MSA SC 1116-m2169: Diary and accounts 1884-1887; diary, 1888-1890

MSA SC 1116-m2170: Diary and accounts 1891; diary 1892-1896

MSA SC 1116-m2171: Diary and accounts 1897; record book


MSA SC 1150 

Collection Dates: 1675-1920
Collection Description: Dent family papers. Collection roughly falls into seven catagories with some overlapping: correspondence, accounts, land records, legal papers, probate records, newspapers, and memorabilia. Most of the correspondence was written or received by John Francis Dent (1814-1898). Dent represented SM in the Maryland legislature during the Civil War and was a leader of Southern sympathizers in the House of Delegates. He was also a member of the 1864 State Constitutional Convention.
Medium: Digital, Microfilm; Digital Archives work order: MSA SC 5458-45-432
Restrictions: No restrictions
Film No.: M 2675, M2676, M2677, M2678, M2679, M2680, M2681, M 2682

 MSA SC 1150 begins with a handwritten item inventory of the collection, followed by the contents of  8 reels of film. It ends with a microfilm copy of General Clement A. Evans, ed., Confederate Military History Vol. II: Maryland and West Virginia,    M 2682